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8 August 2018
Benjamin ComfyNest set
10 August 2018

Benjamin ComfyNest


The Benjamin ComfyNest offers support and restriction for premature, dysmature and sick babies.

The ComfyNest offers the possibility to position the baby in a midline orientation and thus promotes hand-to-mouth and hand-to-hand contact, which will offer optimal comfort to the baby and, consequently, the baby is better capable of self-regulation. A baby can be weighed, moved, examined and transported in the ComfyNest, thus reducing stress to a minimum.

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  • The flexible and smooth inside roller of the nest makes it easy to adjust the nest to size.
  • The four straps offer ample opportunity to support the baby in the right position and to offer restriction from above. The straps help the baby maintain the midline position. They can be attached both straight and crossbody around the baby and the nest.

Extra information

  • Available in two sizes: size Small (500-1500 grams) and size Large (1500-2500 grams).
  • Available in the colours mint green and aqua blue.
  • Has an inside roller which can be wiped off with water, is filled with granules, and has a separate washable cover.
  • There is anti-slip material on the bottom.
  • The covers are made of an advanced technical fabric consisting of a mix of polyester and cotton. This fabric dries four times as fast as cotton, does not discolour or shrink and remains odour free.
  • It is advisable to clean the covers every day or more often if they are visibly dirty.
  • The covers and the inside roller can be washed in a washing machine at 60 degrees Celsius. Washing at 90 degrees is also possible, but that will shorten the lifespan of these covers. The covers should not be ironed.
  • The surface of the inner roll and inner bags is made of washable material and can be cleaned according to hospital protocol.
  • Always consult the hospital’s hygiene department before cleaning the inner rolls/bags in the washing machine and drying them in a spin drier.
  • For further information check the manual.

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