a tool to support, position and limit the baby in various positions


The Benjamin Boundy

The Benjamin Boundy has been developed especially for the sick baby and is suitable for the more mature premature baby that has outgrown the nest, but still needs protection and support. The Benjamin Boundy offers the possibility to position the baby in a midline orientation. This centerline orientation promotes hand-mouth contact and hand-hand contact, making the baby feel more comfortable and more capable of self-regulation. By releasing the hands, the baby is able to spontaneously touch the face.


The Benjamin Boundy consists of a water cleanable inner roll filled with granules, and a separate, washable cover. The flexible and smooth inner roll of the Benjamin Boundy makes it possible to shape the roll in order to support the baby in any position. It is recommended to use 2 Benjamin Boundies on the supine and prone position for optimal support. The ends of the Benjamin Boundy are intended to support and position the baby optimally where necessary. It can be placed around the head, neck or hips or placed under / against an arm or leg. For the prone position and the supine position it is recommended to use 2 Benjamin Boundies, in order to provide sufficient limitation. In the supine position, the ends can be used to keep the head into the correct position. The ends of the Benjamin Boundy can also be placed on the baby as an extra “hand” for short periods during procedures to ensure limitation from above.

Practical information

  • The Benjamin Boundy is available in one size and can be used for babies in the weight class 2500-5000 grams.
  • Has an inside roller which can be wiped off with water, is filled with grains, and has a separate washable cover.
  • The outer covers are made of an advanced technical fabric consisting of a mix of polyester and cotton. This fabric dries four times as fast as cotton, does not discolour or shrink and remains odourfree.
  • The Benjamin Boundy should only be used under strict  monitoring and constant medical supervision in the neonatology and pediatric departments by qualified medical personnel.


The Benjamin Boundy is developed in cooperation with NIDCAP trained specialists on the basis of the latest insights in the field of developmental care. The Benjamin ComfyNest is used in many Dutch and foreign hospitals. It is valued by professionals and parents for the quality of the materials, the comfort for the babies and its child-friendly appearance.

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