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support pillow for the head

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Benjamin ComfyPillow

For the development of a proper rounded shape for the head and to prevent a habitual posture, it is important that the head is turned frequently. When the baby is lying in the supine position, the ComfyPillow is used to keep the head in the right position. The ComfyPillow is also used to bolster a baby’s head if it requires respiratory support.

The ComfyPillow comprises a washable inner roll, filled with granules, and a separate machine-washable cover. The underside of the ComfyPillow is made of anti-slip material. This ensuresthat the ComfyPillow does not slip, even when the bed is in an inclined position. The ComfyNest and the ComfyPillow are available in two sizes. Small is suitable for babies in the weight class 500-1500 grams, and Large for babies with a weight between 1500 and 2500 grams.

Practical information

  • Available in two sizes: Small (500-1500 grams) and Large (1500-2500 grams).
  • Has an inside pillow which can be wiped off with water, is filled with granules, and has a separate washable cover.
  • There is anti-slip material on the bottom of the cover.
  • The covers are made of an advanced technical fabric consisting of a mix of polyester and cotton. This fabric dries four times as fast as cotton, does not discolour or shrink and remains odour free.
  • It is advisable to clean the cover every day or more often if it is visibly dirty.
  • The cover and the inner bag can be washed in a washing machine at 60 degrees. Washing at 90 degrees is also possible, but that will shorten the lifespan of the covers. The covers should not be ironed.
  • The surface of the inner bag is made of washable material and can be cleaned according to hospital protocol.
  • Always consult the hospital’s hygiene department before cleaning the inner rolls/bags in the washing machine and drying them in a spin dryer.

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