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“In order to make skin-to-skin contact go well with a sectio, we asked Anne Marie Louwerse to develop a sling in which babies lie with the mother warm and safe. After an intensive development period the HugMee was introduced into our hospital with much success. Often the babies remain lying skin-to-skin with the mother hours after the sectio. This has a favourable effect on their temperatures, on breastfeeding and unrest. We have seen that babies who alreay lie skin-to-skin with the mother in the operating theatre are warmer than the babies who used to go back to the nursery, and were thus separated from their mothers. In the old situation (2014) 52.4% of the babies born by sectio had a temperature of <36.7 °C. With skin-to-skin in the HugMee this was reduced to 29.7% (2015). Breastfeeding goes better, Feeding reflexes are better stimulated by the long skin-to-skin contact. Soon mothers recornize the feeding signals and give their babies the breast more often. This has a favourable effect on the milk production. Babies also show less unrest. Mothers who had a sectio before indicated that this baby cried far less than their oldest one.” [/av_testimonial_single] [av_testimonial_single src='0' name='Odette Polak' subtitle='Obstetrics doctor, Ziekenhuis Amstelland' link='http://' linktext='' av_uid='av-9l9oe5']


HugMee in Ziekenhuis Amstelland at Amstelveen:
“Having made my first acquaintance with the HugMee concept through an ex collague on the internet, I introduced it to my own department with much enthusiasm. The HugMee seemed a beautiful complement to the obstetric care already offered by us with a caesarian in Ziekenhuis Amstelland, which started to perform the gentle sectio as one of the first hospitals in the Netherlands. Once its implementation had been rounded off, the HugMee was first put into operation on 7 June 2016. This was for the planned sectio of twins immediately after birth. It was fantastic to see how the mother enjoyed to have one of her littles ones safe and warm on her breast. In recovery the other baby could subsequently come on mama’s breast. My colleague and I were so enthusiastic that we put both babies together into the HugMee, to the joy of the fresh mother and her babies. Once at the department she carried the two little ones with her in the HugMee all night. All in all, a great success! Meanwhile the HugMee is used with all planned caesarians. And it is the plan to do this also in an emergency situation in the future.”


“We have used the HugMee support sling with primary sections in our hospital for some months now. Experiences are very positive. Particularly the skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth is highly valued by patients who used the sling. Nurses had to get used to passing the sling on to the mother the right way in the beginning, but now this goes well after instruction and practice. By the sling the newborn remains better and safer with his mother on the breast. So we are most satisfied using the HugMee!”


“With the HugMee the newborn stays better on temperature. Mother and child can continue to lie undisturbed with one another. Mother has to make less effort to keep her baby in the right place.”


“In our birth centre the HugMee sling is used with mothers who deliver thorugh a caesarian. With the HugMee the baby can stay safely with the mother after the birth. The baby lies comfortably, immediate skin-to-skin contact after birth promotes the bonding between mother and child. The baby will experience less stress by this skin-to-skin contact and it will feel comfortably secure with his mother. Furthermore it appears that temperature, blood sugar and heartbeat remain more stable. If the baby has skin-to-skin contact with the mother after the birth, you will also see that the baby will be easier to nurse and will need less extra nutrition.”


ZGT is most satisfied with the use of HugMee gentle sectio sling.
“The HugMee is used in ZGT, Ziekenhuisgroup Twente, location Almelo, since 2016. The HugMee is a pleasant aid for mother and child. ZGT offers newborns a safe and warm welcome with the HugMee. ZGT already offered skin-to-skin contact with a caesarian, but the first contact between mother and child works outs even safer and more comfortably with the HugMee. The obstetrics nurses practised to put the baby in the right position in the HugMee. They are very enthusiastic about its use! Babies can lie skin-to-skin with the mother in the operating theatre uninterupted, if the mother feels well and and if it is justified from a medical point of view. At least the first hour the baby remains lying in the HugMee, but also when mother returns to the Mother and Child Department.”

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