safe and comfortable snuggling in its pouch with a premature or sick baby

baby twinpouch kangaroo sweater doppelbeutel tweelingbuidel
Twinpouch from BenjaminCare Kangaroo Sweater

The Kangaroo Sweater

The Benjamin Kangaroo Sweater is used to snuggle safely and comfortably. Under the guidance of professionals it is used in the hospital at Neonatal Intensive Care, High Care and at Medium Care departments. It is very suitable to snuggle with premature, dysmature and/or sick babies.


  • the child lies safe and sound in the pouch.
  • the parent has more freedom of movement.
  • parents can snuggle in a relaxed way for longer periods.
  • probes, respiration tubes, delivery lines and monitoring equipment cords can be safely attached.
  • extra warmth can be provided by means of a hot pack.
  • the parent can see the child’s face with the aid of mirrors in the sleeves.
  • the parent can touch the child by means of special openings.
  • the vest offers the parent privacy as you are not undressed.
  • snuggling and expressing milk can take place simultaneously.
  • with a special twin-pouch you can also snuggle with twins.

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