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Micro Skin Temperature Sensors

The Micro Skin Temperature Sensors were specially developed for premature babies and are particularly small with a diameter of only 15 mm and are made of very soft material. The sensors have no adhesive surface and are therefore 100% skin-friendly.

The Micro Skin Temperature Sensors do not have an adhesive surface and are either placed under the edge of the diaper or under the patient. They are therefore perfect for premature babies. The sensors have an excellent measuring accuracy of ± 0.1°C in the range of 25°C – 45°C and they are available for all common surveillance monitors and incubators.

The Micro Skin Temperature Sensors are intended for single patient use. A multi-way connection cable is required for connection to surveillance monitoring or an incubator. These cables are available for monitors from the following manufacturers/types: Dräger, GE, Phillips, NihonKoden, Datex, Datascope, Spacelaps, HP, SureSignsVM, Merlin, Siemens, InfinityDeltaXL, Mindray. Connecting cables for incubators from the manufacturers Dräger, GE and ATOM are available. Other connection cables are available on request.

Practical information

  • Very small temperature sensor without glue or adhesie
  • Disposable neonatal temperature sensor
  • Without adhesive surface – 100% skin-friendly
  • Diameter only 15 mm, very flat
  • Soft, moisture-wicking material
  • Measurement accuracy ± 0.1°C (25°C – 45°C)
  • Flat, thin sensor cable
  • Total length of the sensor including cable: 95 cm
  • Standard connector YSI-400 Series
  • Multi-way connection cable for all common monitors
  • Multi-way connection cable for incubators
  • Individually packed, 25 pieces per order


Temperature sensors

Article number Description Size (mm) Plug Pcs./Pck.
TSS-1190-95-W Disposable Temperature Sensor, white 5 YSI-400 25
TSS-1190-95-Y Disposable Temperature Sensor, yellow 5 YSI-400 25

Temperature sensor for incubator

Article number Description Size (mm) Pcs./Pck.
TJW0032B4 Temperature Probe for GE 5 50


Atricle number Description
TZ0010200 Jack plug straight for YSI 400-Serie length 3 m or 5 m
TZ0030200 HP/Philips Round plug compatible for YSI 400-Serie length 3 m or 5 m
TZ0040200 Siemens/Dräger Round plug compatible for YSI 400-Serie length 3 m or 5 m
TZ0060200 Mindray Round plug compatible for YSI 400-Serie length 3 m or 5 m

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