I host presentations and trainings for professionals and other interested parties when hospitals contact me. I am guided by my personal experience as a mother of a premature child, and years of experience as a nurse at the pediatric department of the Neonatal Intensive Care. Participants always get the opportunity to share their own eperiences, and are free to talk about examples.

Small details make the difference

What influence does giving birth to a premature child have on parents, and what are the needs of the child and the parents. We as professionals mostly do not think about these subjects daily. Sometimes we are unaware about the effect our attitudes and words have on the emotional situation of parents. Apparently, small details make a big difference in the parents’ world of experience. During my presentation this becomes clear with recognizable examples from daily practice.

Developmental family-centred care

I firmly believe that most parents are prepared and able to look after their sick or premature child. I am a great supporter of family-centred care aimed at development: the individual needs of the child and the parents are in the centre here. The care is aimed at reducing stress and enhancing comfort. The relationship between parents and child is promoted and supported.

Powerful parenthood

A serious premature birth, a sick baby, long admission to Intensive Care have an enormous impact on the parents. Mosty we see total disorganization, sleepless nights, grief, uncertainty and fear often invisible to the outside world. This makes the parents vulnerable. During my training I will teach you how to support the parents and the child with advice and assistance. How to give parents confidence in their own abilities, and how to give them the feeling that they have control over the care of their child again.


“How can you better stimulate and guide parents and relatives in providing care to the child?” This is a theme which was taken up multidisciplinarily by the pediatrics department of Nij Smellinghe hospital. From her role as a mother but also as a professional (NICU nurse) Anne Manie told about the stay of her most premature baby during a team night. Anne Marie did this in an authentic way. Her story fitted in very well with the theme. She told her story as a mother and, as an NICU nurse, knew how to translate it to practice. This evening Anne Marie made an important contribution in the various groups discussing the theme, there were a number of ‘eye openers’ to many of them. The feedback from the team was positive, it was deemed a valuable evening!”


“On 17 March 2016 Anne-Marie Louwerse held a presentation about her experiences with Benjamin for us as a group of researchers of Child Health. As researchers in pediatrics we like to aim at questions which are really important to the patients. Anne Marie made us watch and experience with her all the exciting periods around the premature birth of her son. You notice her passion and involvement in the wellbeing of her children and it made the group most enthusiastic to do their best to make the care really better. A nice well-balanced story with a personal and emotional undertone. It was a fine mind setter at the start of the day. A real recommendation!”

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