Temperature sensor 6 – 12 Fr/Ch

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Temperature sensor 6 – 12 Fr/Ch

The temperature probes for rectal use have been specially developed for premature babies and are available from size 6 Fr., which corresponds to a diameter of only 2 mm. They are made of a very soft material and have a high accuracy.

The temperature probes are available from just 6 CHF and are therefore perfect for pre-term babies. The probes can be used for rectal measurements, but can also be used on other parts of the body. They have an excellent accuracy of ± 0.1°C in the range 25°C – 45°C and are compatible with all common surveillance monitors and incubators.

The temperature probes are intended for single patient use. A reusable connection cable is required for connection to the surveillance monitoring or an incubator. These cables are available for monitors from the following manufacturers/types: Dräger, GE, Phillips, NihonKoden, Datex, Datascope, Spacelaps, HP, SureSignsVM, Merlin, Siemens, InfinityDeltaXL, Mindray. Connection cables from the manufacturers Dräger, GE and ATOM are available for incubators. Additional connection cables are available on request.

Practical Information

  • Very small, rectal temperature probe
  • Disposable temperature probe for newborns
  • Diameter only 2 mm, very soft
  • Available from 6 fr. to 12 fr
  • Measuring accuracy ± 0.1°C (25°C – 45°C)
  • Total length of the sensor including cable: 75 cm
  • Standard connector YSI-400 series
  • Reusable connection cable for all common monitors
  • Reusable connection cable for incubators
  • Individually wrapped, pack of 25 pieces


Temperature sensors

Article Number Description Size Plug Quantity
TGN-1191-75 6 Fr/Ch temperature sensor 6 Fr/Ch YSI-400 25

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