Kangaroo Top

Upper body support band

Foto van Kangoroe top met ouders
Kangaroo Top drawing

The Kangaroo Top

Skin-to-skin contact has been scientifically proven to have many health benefits for both baby and parent. The advice of the World Health Organization is: “skin-to-skin contact, as early, as long and as uninterrupted as possible for every newborn”.

The Kangaroo Top is a tool that facilitates this special contact. The Kangaroo Top is an upper body support band for the upper body of an adult to position a baby up to 5 kg in order to establish skin-to-skin contact between the parent and child. The Kangaroo Top is intended to be attached to the parent/carer after birth in a hospital or after a home birth. Never walk or stand while wearing the Kangaroo Top with baby, it is not a baby carrier. The Kangaroo Top is only suitable for lying or sitting to support the baby on the chest. The Kangaroo Top is suitable for both hospital and home use.

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  • It promotes comfort for parent and baby
  • The child is safe and warm
  • Facilitates parents to provide kangaroo care for longer periods of time
  • Promotes peace and a sense of security


  • Choose the right size Kangaroo Top, using your own clothing size as a guideline.
  • The Top should be neither too tight nor too loose.
  • The baby must be in the correct position and not sink into the Kangroo Top.
  • Pull the Kangaroo Top over your bare upper body.
  • Slide the Kangaroo Top towards your waist.
  • Put your baby wearing only a diaper with his/her belly on your chest.
  • Hat and socks when room temperature is low.
  • Your baby’s head is turned to the left or right.
  • Make sure your baby can breathe freely; This is best done when the nose points slightly upwards.
  • When you can kiss your baby’s head, your baby is at the right height.
  • Make sure that your baby’s legs are slightly raised and slightly spread and the arms are slightly bent, so that the hands can reach the mouth.
  • Pull the Kangaroo Top up to the height of your baby’s earlobe.
  • Make sure the head is well above the Top, so that your baby can breathe properly.
  • Lie comfortably, preferably at an angle of 30-40 degrees.
  • Talk, sing and read to your baby: your baby loves your voice.
  • Avoid perfume, perfumed creams and don’t smoke: your baby loves your scent.
  • Do not fall asleep with your baby when the baby is in the Top.
  • And enjoy snuggling together!

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