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flexible, versatile and soft positioning cushion

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The Benjamin Benny

The Benjamin Benny is a flexible, versatile and soft positioning cushion filled with soft granules specially developed for preterm and sick babies. With the Benny you can support the baby where necessary and position it optimally. It can be placed around the head, neck or hips or placed under or against an arm or leg.

The Benny can also be reduced in size by folding it. This creates more height and can contribute to supporting the head. The elongated ends of the Benny can be used separately for special positioning needs such as to support the tube, ventilator and other accessories. The Benny consists of a water-removable inner part, filled with granules, and a loose, washable cover. The Benny can be used separately but also in combination with the ComfyNest, the Boundy and the Roll.

Practical Information

  • Available in one size.
  • Color scheme blue/green.
  • Complementary and flexible.
  • The outer covers are made of an advanced technical fabric. This fabric dries four times as fast as cotton, does not discolour or shrink and remains odor-free.
  • Has a water-removable inner part, filled with granules, and a separate washable cover.
  • It is recommended to clean the cover once a day, or when the cover is visibly dirty.
  • The cover and the inner part can be washed in the washing machine at 60 degrees. Washing at 90 degrees is also possible, but this shortens the lifespan of the covers. The covers should not be ironed.
  • The surface of the inner part is made of washable material and can be cleaned according to hospital protocol.
  • Always consult the hospital hygiene department before cleaning the inner part in the washing machine and drying it in a spin cycle.
  • MRI safe as it contains no lead or metal parts.
  • Long lifespan.

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