Incubator Cover

The incubator cover creates a comfortable & development-oriented environment

BenjaminCare Incubator Cover Topview
BenjaminCare Incubator Cover cover

The Benjamin Incubator Cover

Light reduction is related to improved stability and is an important part of individualized developmental care for preterm infants. It is scientifically proven that it positively impacts the need for respiratory support, motor development, weight gain and uptake duration.

The incubator cover is specially developed to allow the smallest patients to get used to light and sound stimuli. Depending on the development and stability of the child, the incubator cover can be used according to the hospital’s own protocol. The incubator can be optimally darkened, so that negative stimuli are minimized.

The minimal number of flaps and the excellent wash ability (60-90 degrees) make this an ideal incubator cover for every neonatology department. By using the incubator cover, a safe environment is created, while parents and medical staff will have quick and easy access to the child.


Number Code (tag) Name
1 SC-GO Giraffe OmniBed
2 SC-GI Giraffe Incubator (octopus)
3 SC-DC Dräger Caleo
4 SC-DTI Transport Incubator
5 SC-D81 Dräger 8010
6 SC-H Canopy
7 SC-WV Weyer Vita
9 SC-D80 Dräger 8000
10 SC-GIM (Giraffe OmniBed) Máxima

Useful information

  • The cover provides babies with a darkened, protective environment
  • The cover is made of a technically advanced fabric made from a polyester-cotton blend. This material dries four times faster than cotton and remains odor-free. It is advisable to clean the covers every week or more often if they are visibly dirty.
  • Certified textile, breathable, washable up to 90 °C and suitable for tumble-drying. The covers should not be ironed.
  • Available with an opening flap for phototherapy lamps.
  • With phototherapy, the cover can be placed over the incubator with the lowest temperature set at 30 degrees.
  • The cover can also be placed over the heat bed. For example, phototherapy, to prevent scattered light.
  • The incubator does not heat up with the cover over the incubator, despite the set temperature at 29 degrees.
  • The cover blocks out light and allows accurate evaluation of skin color and perfusion.
  • The cover is fully adjustable to provide excellent visual accessibility to the baby while allowing the simulation of day/night patterns.
  • The cover is available for all types of incubators.


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