warmth and uninterrupted skin-to-skin contact immediately after a gentle sectio.

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The HugMee

The HugMee is a support sling which is used immediately after the gentle sectio in the operating theatre. The HugMee is especially developed for the natural caesarian (gentle sectio), also called the family-centred caesarian. The HugMee allows mother and child to stay safely together and provides undisturbed skin-to-skin  contact immediately after birth. In the first period after birth the HugMee can also be used at home.

Skin-to-skin contact: The Golden Hour or The Secret Hour

Skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth is essential for the child’s bonding. Especially the first hour after birth. This hour is also called ‘The Golden Hour’ or ‘The Secret Hour’. This time contributes to healthy socio-emotional, cognitive and motor development of the baby. This is why it is crucial that mother and child get the time and rest to adapt to each other. Scientific studies conclusively show that uninterrupted skin-to-skin contact has advantages for both mother and child.

The advantages of the HugMee:

  • it is fully adjustable, and therefore the baby can be positioned very well.
  • the baby lies safe and warm with the mother.
  • immediately after birth undisturbed skin-to-skin contact is possible.
  • it offers a safe transfer of the mother with the baby from the OR table to the hospital bed.
  • there is a cut-away on the back for the epidural.
  • there are two openings for the hands to touch the baby.
  • a foot pocket ensures safety and security.
  • it is washable at high temperatures.

The advantages of skin-to-skin contact for the baby:

  • exclusive and longer duration of the breastfeeding period.
  • stabilization of heartbeat, respiration and blood pressure.
  • blood sugars are regulated more evenly.
  • positive effects on the development of the immune system.
  • improves termperature regulation.
  • decreases stress.

The advantages of skin-to-skin contact for the mother:

  • exclusive and longer duration of the breastfeeding period.
  • milk production will be stimulated faster.
  • stable checks.
  • decrease of pain.
  • less blood loss.

Download the HugMee instruction card here:

This baby was born via gentle sectio. Watch how the HugMee is applied in the hospital!

gallery 1 Benjamincare Hugmee EN
Before the caesarian the HugMee is put on at the department.
gallery 2 Benjamincare Hugmee EN
The HugMee is fully adjustable on both sides.
gallery 3 Benjamincare Hugmee EN
The gown is put on over the HugMee.
gallery 4 Benjamincare Hugmee EN
The HugMee has a cut-away at the back in case of an epidural.
baby born with benjamincare hugmee
The baby is born. Afterwards the baby is cleaned and gets a hat on its head.
baby skin to skin contact benjamincare hugmee
The baby is positioned on its side skin-to-skin in the HugMee.
baby safe with mother benjamincare hugmee
During the transfer from OR table to bed the baby can stay safely with the mother.
baby safe and quiet with mother benjamincare hugmee
Both mother and father can touch the baby through the openings in the HugMee.
mother and baby benjamincare hugmee
Even after a caesarian the HugMee is suitable for safe and comfortable skin-to-skin contact.

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