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The origin of Benjamin Care

With the birth of my son Benjamin Benjamin Care saw the light as well, after a pregnancy of 25 weeks. Benjamin is not the only one who was born prematurely. Worldwide 15 million premature babies are born every year. The combination of his far too early birth with my years long work experience as a nurse at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) constituted the basis for thre Benjamin Care products. By intensive snuggling in the pouch and looking after their premature or sick child parents can make the difference with the support of the medical team.

Anne-Marie Louwerse
NICU and pediatric nurse, and developer of the Benjamin Care products.

Experiences by our clients

“Often babies stay and lie skin-to-skin with the mother after the sectio for hours. This has a favourable effect on their temperature, breastfeeding and unrest. We have seen that the babies who are skin-to-skin with their mothers in the operating theatre already are warmer than the babies who earlier on went back to the nursery, and, consequently, were separated from their mothers. In the old situation (2014) 52.4% of the babies born per sectio had a temperature of <36.7 °C. With skin-to-skin in the HugMee this was reduced to 29.7% (2015)."
“The Benjamin Kangaroo vests are made of a flexible fabric, not too warm and pleasant to wear. Some parents love such a vest, and others cannot handle it. For the greater part parents are positive about the vest. The advantage is that the neonate lies comfortably in the vest, parents have their hands free, and also have the possibility to hold their child through the holes. When parents fall asleep, there is no need to be afraid that their child falls, as it is well “stuck” in the vest.”

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